Operative Frequently Asked Questions

An operative can apply for a Network Operative Passport Scheme card by completing the online registration
Once you have completed the registration process you can login to your account at anytime with your UserID (the email with which your account was registered) and the password you created. Please note - your password should contain a minimum of eight characters containing a mixture of upper and lower case letters and at least one number and one ‘special’ character (e.g. ! “ £ $ % & * ). When you have logged in you can view or amend your personal information, or choose any of the navigation options presented to you for further information.”
Once you have registered and logged in, you will see a button to upload your photo. You will be provided with guidelines relating to the size and format before uploading. Please note, once your registration is accected, you will not be able to chnage your photo without contacting us.
On your profile page, you will see a link allowing you to update your accreditations. You will need to complete the process by selecting the relevant accreditation(s)from a list and upload adequate evidence in support.”
You will need to get verification from the body that issued the certificate. This can be where you apply for a replacement certificate (please note that some bodies will charge for this service) or a letter from the body that issued the certificate confirming achievement.

Smart Awards offer a validation service for your training and/or qualifications that you wish to add to your NOPS card but cannot provide your certificate(s) as evidence. Through validation, Smart Awards will check with the relevant accrediting bodies on your behalf.

Card Costs £28.50 plus VAT.
Any accreditations submitted during the registration process with adequate evidence will be uploaded at no additional cost. Any accreditations added after a card ID number has been generated will cost £5.00+VAT per upload. (A single upload can have many accreditations on it.) Alternatively, you can choose to prepay for the next year in advance when for the cost of £10+VAT. This will meand that, for one year after you pay for this option, you can upload as many accreditations on as many occasions as you like at no extra cost.
Payment can be made via a secure online transaction at the end of either the operative registration or accreditation upload processes. You will need a valid debit or credit card to complete this
Under normal circumstances, your card will be sent directly to the address on your NOPS account from our printers 2-3 weeks from the date that your account was paid for. However, due to ongoing issues with the global pandemic we are asking that people allow up to one calendar month for the card to arrive (and potentially longer if the card is paid for in the weeks leading up to Christmas. IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOUR CARD IS NOT GOING TO ARRIVE OR HAS BEEN MISDELIVERED PLEASE CONTACT US AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. If there is a significant delay between the due date of your card arriving and non-delivery being reported to us we have to assume that the card has been delivered and lost through other means. In this case, a replacement will usually be charged for.”
Accreditations can expire between 1 and 5 years from the date or issue. Please refer to the issuing or awarding organisation if clarity is needed.
This process is currently under review. Please look out for exciting NOPS developments in 2022. If more information is needed in the meantime please contact us
If you want to amend your photo on your card you will need to email us with a photo which adheres to passport guidelines. You will be charged for a replacement card before it is issued.
Please contact us. If you need a replacement of your existing card you will be charged on a sliding scale of £5.00+VAT for every full year remaining on your current card. If you need a new card ID, your original number will be blocked and a new card issued at a cost of £25.00+VAT. If you want to replace your existing card but there is less than 12 months until the card renewal date, a new card ID number will be issued and a charge of £25.00+VAT will be applied.