Operative Frequently Asked Questions

An operative can apply for a Network Operative Passport Scheme card by completing the online registration or emailing us at register
You will need to log in to the NOPS register you will need your NOPS ID number
Once you have registered and logged in, you will see a button to upload your photo. You will be provided with guidelines relating to the size and format before uploading. Please note, once your registration is accected, you will not be able to chnage your photo without contacting us.
On your profile page, you will see a link allowing you to Add Certification Records. You will need to select the relevant certification from a list and upload your certificate or other evidence.
You will need to get verification from the body that issued the certificate. This can be where you apply for a replacement certificate (please note that some bodies will charge for this service) or a letter from the body that issued the certificate confirming achievement.

Smart Awards offer a validation service for your training and/or qualifications that you wish to add to your NOPS card but cannot provide your certificate(s) as evidence. Through validation, Smart Awards will check with the relevant accrediting bodies on your behalf. For more information please contact us

Each training/qualification upload £5.00 (bulk uploads are categorised as one upload)
We aim to ensure that you receive your card within 10 days of your completed application and payment (subject to successfully verification).
Your accreditations will be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of achievement. However, where accreditations have no expiry dates such as regulated qualifications, these types of qualifications remain on your card.
To renew a NOPS card, you will need to contact us
You can add new accreditations by contacting us and sending us copies of your certificate(s) as proof. Each accredited training/qualification upload is £5.00 (bulk uploads are categorised as one upload per operator). Data will be uploaded to your record within 5 working days.
You will need to email us along with your new photo. You will be charged for a replacement card and the accreditation uploads.
You will need to email us Once notified the original card will be blocked and the new card will be issued. The cost of a replacement card is £25.00. Additional costs will apply if any content change is required on the card.